Beasts and Blackberries

I still have not finished refencing the chicken yard. It is bigger than we want because I added the new area at one end but have not decreased the other end. Of course, the birds would not go in the new area initially, but eventually they realised that the fence was gone and began pecking around the new territory.
But new horizons beckoned further, apparently, and I found them getting out of the yard (perhaps a section of low fencing?), and come 5pm, unable to get back in. I did spend a few twilight minutes each day persuading tired and disoriented birds back into the yard so they could find their way back to the roost for a short while. And actually, that is pretty freaky, especially as I don’t particularly like being close to birds, and especially when one of those birds is a big fluffy rooster who has given over the idea of roosting in a cozy house in favour of jamming himself into a corner of siding because he is as good as asleep already.
Poor Buffy. He was a brash, bold and beautiful bird, but he is no more. He was the big cock around these parts for 18 months, but he was taken last week by something, perhaps a hawk, perhaps a raccoon or coyote. At times he reminded me of the salty old rooster from the movie Chicken Run.
And Bill Murray, too, poor lass. My spirited flock is less for your loss, in more than just numbers. I have to be philosophical about living the country, however. I know the birds and beasts need to eat, and when someone goes wandering, or even just stands around looking juicy, well then, I know that nature is going to take it’s course. I can, however, push the beasts a little further away from my birds by brush cuttering the fuck out of the blackberries around the place,  and maybe claim back much of the yard for my human family as well. Perhaps the blackberries are covering the perfect spot for the hiking trail, actually I’m bloody well sure they are. I’m also pretty sure that some skulkers might be in there somewhere, living or walking through, I still don’t like it. The blackberries are probably suffocating a lot of plants that were put in by the original owner a decade or so ago. I discovered apple and cherry trees in the “lower 48” last year, so I’m hopeful of finding flowers as well. If I find feathers, then so be it.


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