We Are Thankless Wretches Today

After driving home late and getting to bed at midnight, the boys still woke up at 6.15. I was not thankful this morning.
After drinking late and getting up late, Husband still feels like crap. He is not thankful this morning.
After staying up late and waking up at their usual hour, the boys knew that friends would be visiting today, and they were appropriately loud in their thankfulness. I would be thankful for some peace and bloody quiet.
I would be thankful if I enjoyed eating greens and proteins more than I enjoy eating potato salads, cookies and muffins, but those things aren’t going to crumble to stomach acid on their own.
I won’t be thankful after going to the gym this evening, as I’m sure my arms and legs will again be sore, but then i will think of the chocolate turkey, and my thanks will be in abundance.


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