Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is something that sort of comes naturally to us now, though being Australian, it is still an American tradition.
We have our own turkey for lunch after walking around all morning in our pajamas,  and frantically scaring up vegetables for the impending lunch. After naps, we head to a friend’s house for more turkey and fellowship.
Last year the big boys ended the night by watching a movie in the ipad; tonight they are riproaring around the house with large stuffed dogs and pestering the dad-aged men into rough-housing with them. Nearly 3yo has passed out on the couch and is sleeping through said rough-housing and karaoke.
I managed to limit myself to feeling full after dessert, rather than unzipping my skirt a bit and stuffing myself silly. I had 2 dessert items and probably 3 helpings, so I’m good. Unless we stay long enough for my food to settle and I start thinking about 15ths.
I joined the gym a few days ago and have been to two classes in as many days, so I really don’t those extra helpings. So far I am having a little bit of muscle resistance when I sit down in the powder room but it’s getting better. I will have to think of the chocolate ass turkey when I am doing it tough on the stationary bike.

It sure tasted good, but I don’t want to be thinking about when I zip up my gorgeous black vintage number before tripping out to the opera in the new year!
I am thankful for many things, but also for my current resolve to get my chocolate ass to the gym.


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