My Guilty Pleasure.

When Husband is “working in another office”, a number of things happen in no particular order.

Boys get a little hyper. Mama loses her shit. The kitchen and playroom are more untidy. The garbage does not get taken out. I stay up late because I don’t know what to do with myself. I catch up on episodes of Scandal. More clothes get washed but less get put away (there is a definite niche for iRobot!). I turn the electric blanket lengthwise on our bed.

We have a big house but we only hang out in one area, and it has doors everywhere to close it off from hallways and other rooms, so that is where we use the heating. Our bedroom is currently 45F, which is bloody cold! It was as low as 42 last week, eeeek! And while the salesperson did tell us that memory foam takes 7-10 minutes to warm up to your body temperature and conform to your shape when we bought our bed and pillows, they did not mention that you could sprain yourself on it at low temperatures! Memory foam is akin to concrete in my unheated bedroom! Hence the electric blanket, or heated throw. We slip it into the bed a bit before bedtime so we don’t go into shock when we wrap ourselves in freezing cotton, and we put the pillows on it as well so we don’t break our necks when we lay on them. 

Getting into bed tonight, I had thoughfully put the blanket on nearly 2 hours before, so the bed was roasty toasty and sort of gave me a second wind. Husband would argue that I don’t need anymore wind, but he would digress. The trick – or trouble – is to take the blanket off before falling asleep, so I don’t bake for an hour or more and wake up dehydrated. And that is a distinct possibility, since Husband is not here to wake me when he moves around and lets in cold air (hysterical screaming), or keeps me awake and amused listening to his occasional snoring snorts when he falls asleep before me.

Now I must sign off before I fall asleep and snort myself awake and let in the cold air.


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