What a day.

Snow days are awesome because all you need to do is stay home and frolick. Of course, the next day is a different story.
There was snow and ice everywhere on the roads, and while I was happy enough to sleep in (boys came barreling downstairs at 5.36, wtf?!) and forego the morning gym class, I could not reneg on my haircut because I have wanted one for weeks, snow and ice be damned. Husband was not happy about me driving, but there was no more snow overnight. There was, however, 6 cars abandoned on a side road!
After snipping and smoothing, I dashed off to buy a birthday present, which I ended up forgetting to put in the car after the card was written, boo.
Anyhoo, I would make it home in good time but not enough to dress the boys for one of 6.5yo’s friend’s birthday party. So, I asked Husband to have the boys ready to go when I got there…husbands are great for making babies, not so much for organising them. Husband claimed to not have heard the message, but woe betide me when I don’t hear one of his messages beeping or miss one of his calls. Bloody hell.
At the birthday party there was a handful of 5-7yos at the table by themselves, so grown up! I can see that I will have to change things a little for his birthday next year. Sleepovers will be next, where they all yell and wrestle and giggle in the lounge room and sneak candy when they think we aren’t listening.
Post party, we had to pick up Husband’s car from the service centre. Driving home on the winding and hilly backroads, he slides out in front of a neighbour’s house down the road. We ended up leaving him (perchance for the wolves) to drive home and forget that present. At least I remembered to grab a gf muffin from my freezer stash. The 2 little boys were asleep in their seats, and Husband was towed home while we drove to the 2nd birthday party. It was at The Home Depot (I always think of when will Ferrell says that in Old School) and it was a great party. When we got home Husband had cleaned the kitchen so he was high fiving himself and “in your face”ing me. He will probably be sleeping alone.
I am yet to get organised for my snowshoeing adventure tomorrow, but after the past 2 days, I’m looking forward to a small adventure, rather than falling into snow caves and surviving by drinking our own urine type adventures.
Wine will fortify me for either of the above.


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