!Spoiler Alert!

Husband and I don’t often get involved with new shows – we can’t always make time for the shows that we already watch. We dig Grimm and Grey’s right now, and last night we watched them both. We also doubled down on the wine and salted caramel chocolates!
And so, along with the standard melodramatic plot, Husband had me teary eyed and with baited breath to see what would happen next in his bromance with Derek Shepherd. Husband has a few man crushes, but McDreamy might well be the longest running.
When I first started watching Grey’s, I wasn’t really a fan of Sheps, but his hair changed my mind. Honestly, that hair could carry a plot all on it’s own. Husband is saving up for a stylist, so he can have a do just like Derek’s.
His eyes also help, those dreamy peepers; Husband could gaze long into the night, or at least until an ad comes on.
But McDreamy isn’t only a dreamboat, he is still a man’s man. His nose is almost slightly bent, and it’s sort of big, too, and that is something Husband can relate to.
The hair, again, is always worth another mention.
The sheer nobility of Derek’s character is another big plus, for both of us, frankly. Whatever Derek does, he does it well, and with stylish hair. Except when he was speeding all the time and getting thrown in the clink. I loved it when Meredith (ugh, don’t even get me started about her) left him there when Yang married Owen.
And now, getting called by the President, puh-lease! Derek is da man. We can only assume that Sheps will solve some brain malfunction that relates to the President’s close family, and he effectively saves the world, or words to that effect. Husband was on the edge of his seat when they had the beginning of that conversation!
And don’t forget the sideline racing of McDreamy in real life, Husband wants to be that guy.
Put it all together, and I might be in real trouble if we lived in or near Seattle.


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