The Joy of the Season

Driving to the “mountains” to attend a xmas party today, the cutest, most quaint and fun xmas party ever.
But that means driving w the kids for 40+ minutes, oh geez.
There is a cartoon circulating which perfectly illustrates my morning: the one where the man is shaving, showering and shitting in peace, and gets dressed and ready to leave the house, then has the audacity to ask why the woman isnt ready yet.
The boys were already dressed, but I found spare clothes for them to wear because we are going out afterwards. Some clothes were upstairs, and some down. Add in warm socks for the gumboots and gloves. I pooled the puffy jackets and snacks. I put on the dishwasher. Then it was my turn to get dressed, but my clothes were also in 2 different ends of the house, plus boots, and empty the garbage. Then Husband busts my hump about the boys waiting in the car for too long. Erm, halloo? Did I hear that correctly? Take 3yo back inside to use the bathroom before we go, please, while I grab a hat box so my green felt doesn’t get squashed in the car. And then a drop or two of lavendar under my nose, I can be calm for the next potentially excruciating 40+ minutes.


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