For the last 2 years, I have made new year’s resolutions for each member of our family. For the littles, they were age appropriate, like toilet training or reading or writing, and for Husband they got onto the list with his aporoval. I have not thought much about them until now, having just got past the whole Christmas caper. But I am somewhat of a planner, so I am always looking ahead and I see the deadline for the list of resolutions looming ahead.
I think I’m going to work on being consistent, in everything; 5yo will be starting kindergarten in September, so he will need to work on his penmanship;
6.5yo will work on being a confident public speaker, in any and all situations; and 3yo needs to work on being gentle – sure he is 3 and has older rough-housing brothers, but he is a real shit sometimes! Husband has had family-centric resolutions the past few years, this time his resolution will be Husband-centric.
As part of the process, I talk about what the resolutions involve and how we can work on them, and try and remember to follow up and revisit every few months. Or in my case, for this year and those past, I repeat them to myself as a mantra every time shit goes haywire at home. It helps, amazingly enough. *deep breaths*


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