Boy Behaviour

Do an internet search for terms including personality, probiotics, gut, and pretty much any other word, and articles come up that discuss how the bacteria in the gut affect brain function and any number of other things. Previously I have written about my experiences with 5yo’s energy levels. I had found a vitamin mix that seemed to help, but only a little. A friend shared an article on facebook (which I now can’t find) and it seemed interesting, and discussed how gut flora and etc may be linked to many things, including moods, personalities and even autism, and how probiotics can help. So I started dosing 5yo up as well, as 6.5yo was already taking them but for different reasons. I noticed a difference straight away. And it was more marked than when he started taking the vitamins. It was awesome. But it wasn’t so remarkable as to change his personality, which I have been worried about. Because he is an awesome kid (obviously), and I don’t want to change him, but I do need him to settle the hail down sometimes. Since taking the probiotics, he has not been as crazily energetic or annoying on purpose, or just o-v-e-r the top. Until the other day when Husband commented on him being a bit of a shit, and I realised we had not been as regular the last few days with the probiotic doses. A-mazeballs. And also, I had not taken mine either, and I was a leedle bit more grumpy. Hmmm. Either that, or I had run out of wine, but I’m leaning toward the former.


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