Tea for -? Me, just me.

I was trying to get a photo of my big cheesy smile to show how silly I look grinning at everyone for no apparent reason (but I looked sillier – or worse – sitting in the car snapping pics of my choppers. So) Not apparent to those who don’t have young kids, that is. Even in the gym class, I was grinning like a fool with every step up and power step touch and all that. Walking out in the carpark, meandering because I could, before I found where I parked the car, no cheeky monkeys hanging off me and arguing about seat belts already. Driving up the driveway at home, I couldn’t quite figure out what I had forgotten, but I think it was merely a feeling of quiet in the car, and no drawn out discussions about whose turn it is to check the mail.

And now the house is quiet and still; I’m going to have some tea and do a spot of sewing, and perhaps spend a minute or two in the bathroom with no probability of being interrupted. If the doorbell rings I will be bloody annoyed.


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