Back to School

As much as I am ready for the boys to go back to school next week, and as much as the boys are ready to go, I am actually not ready for the boys to go back to school next week.
Aside from sleeping in, and staying in pajamas on more days than just Christmas Day, and screen time up the yin yang, we have had a different schedule that has not involved school drop offs or pick ups, or homework or library books. And in other news, there is still a little bit of wrapping paper hiding in the corners and festivities hanging around, plus new clothes and Christmas Day lunch linens awaiting some form of attention. How will I manage the school lunches and rain jackets and matching shoes when I still have the holidays nice and warm around our shoulders??

I won’t be able to include last minute adventures in our day (today we went for a bushwalk through the Lower 48 and came back covered with prickles and scratches, but with a renewed sense of determination – we are *this close* to connecting the path to the backyard, but were still bsck in time for the swimming lesson, sans shoes and goggles because in our haste I ditched the gumboots but forgot the replacements), and I will have to once again be a task master for homework. Plus take care of the wrapping paper and lunch linens and the dishwasher and mountains of laundry, and hopefully still have time for gym classes. Oh boy.
And playing Solitaire, that will go out the window, too. I once finished a game in around 2 minutes! Best game ever! Now I am down to about 4 minutes, and I suppose I’m not really looking to get back to my former glory, but it is something that I have enjoyed during the school holidays. Probably while the boys were playing lego in their pajamas or eating the rest of the rice krispies (5yo).

These holidays were awesome for us. We stayed home, had quiet family time, enjoyed celebrations with the right amount of thankfulness and present excitement, played with toys and stayed in our pajamas. Totes amazeballs. Now I need to wash the pajamas and put away the toys, boo.


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