Scoby Doby Doo

I will admit to being sceptical of kombucha and kombucha brewers previously. I don’t know what changed my mind, but one day I decided to try some at a cafe, and it wasn’t all bad. The next time I saw a bottle at the shops, I bought one home, and thought it was actually rather delicious. I bought another bottle, and then a two-for-one deal, and then thought about doing it myself. Husband was not impressed, but I knew I would win him over, just like I did for ditching shampoo. So the next time I bought a bottle, I saved part of it and put it in a jar with some sweetened tea, and covered it, and waited. And waited. And waited. Then I moved it to the pantry for better air flow, even though the temperature is probably lower in there. The high cupboard above the oven where it was before, still smells a little extra vinegar-y.
Then I kept waiting, then peeking under the cheesecloth, and worrying about the gnarly white plops on top of the big plop, and then I worried less because the big plop became the mother and got thicker. I’ve been wondering for a week or so, when to add more tea, and decided to do it today, so she can drink it up over the next few weeks. Maybe I can have my first drink during spring break. I could mix it up with dandelion greens from the lawn, and Husband would really roll his eyes.
But how to transfer the scoby?

I got a sweet haircut today

I got a sweet haircut today

Would it be damaged from being poured into a new jar? I searched online and found a video of a woman picking the bloody thing out of the jar – ewww – and putting in the new jar. I don’t think so. I did eventually just gently pour it into the bigger jar with the tea and more of the bottled stuff,  just to be on the safe side.


I bought a bottle but the flavour was awful, but I didn’t want to waste it, so I’m assuming the mother will eat that shit up, too.
She's in there. It's like a spa bath, for scobies.

She’s in there. It’s like a spa bath, for scobies.

So now the cheesecloth is back on and back into the pantry it went. Hopefully I will remember to check out the scobyaroo when we come back from our little vacation, and the juicy juice might be fizzy and ready for flavouring. But not with cranberry.


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