On a plane, with far fewer consequences

The last time we flew, we had a pretty shitty time, at least this time we caught a noon flight and didn’t worry too much about alarms. However, the timer got a little mixed up on the new automatic door opener at Toad Hall so I had to ask our neighbour to take a look for us. Of course, Husband only thought about that while we were driving to the airport, and that’s after we already doubled back because we forgot to close the garage door. So, nothing like last time but still not completely smooth sailing. At least everyone is toilet trained!
Cut to mid-flight and the guy in the row in front gave me his number. I’m tempted to tell him I’m married, but I’m interested to see if he will try anything when we get to our friend’s house tonight, because of course it’s Husband with nearly 7yo in the row in front of us.

On the trip we had 2 carseats and no pram or stroller. 3yo walked and carried his own bag, and we got away without having to carry a bag full of snacks, though Husband insisted on bringing 7 apples with us. Luckily, Texas is not a quarantine state so it wasn’t a problem. But I laughed when he had to eat 2 half-eaten apples on the drive to the airport.
There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing between the boys mid-flight, though, because Husband promised the ipad to nearly 7yo and I denied it. There were no power points on the plane so the power cords for the leapsters were as useless as any of the proverbials – my fave being tits on a bull – but nearly 7yo’s leapster has rechargeable batteries and there is no point having the two younger boys argue over that while nearly 7yo hams it up by himself and Husband sleeps through the whole bloody episode. Frankly, I am usually as likely as not to make things a little harder so that Husband has to wake the hell up and parent and participate in whatever bullshit (or not?) is taking place instead of taking his business pro nap between destinations. But that’s just me.
Anyhoo, no delays, no lost items, no prob with the rental car and no wrong turns on the drive to our friends’ place – obviously I wasn’t driving. I’ll ignore the 11pm bedtime for the kids and say it was a great first day of vacation all round.


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