Kombucha Adventures

My house is cold but has lot’s of windows which doesn’t seem right for Kombucha-growing on the bench. So, mine is on a shadowy shelf in the pantry. The temp seems ok but out of sight is out of mind, so it has been brewing for a lot longer than necessary, I think.
I finally had some down time and was able to clean some bottles and find a funnel – because you know the boys have all 5 of them somewhere in their little kitchen – and pour out 2 bottles.

It was a nice colour, if a little dark, and fizzy enough, though apparently it will get more fizzy after bottling. Now for the taste test.


Smells about right



Tastes about right, I reckon

But what to flavour it with? I will be sure to use apple and ginger when the apples come in, but right now what I have in abundance is weeds, so I picked a bag of dandelion greens, and washed and juiced those fuckers. But the weeds had the last laugh because they are bitter as hell.
I added juiced then blended blueberries to it, then dumped them in the kombucha bottles.


Delicious! Next time I will try something else with the dandelions, then I will try to feed it to Husband, that skeptic.


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