New car

A while ago a young driver ran into the back of our car,


Mine is not the white one

so right now it is at the mechanic getting repairs. Luckily, we have almost a plethora of other cars to use in the absence of mine, so we aren’t using a rental. If we did, I would have a hard time cleaning that sucker out afterwards, considering the general state of my car the rest of the time. So what I’m driving right now is The Black Bomb. I don’t know what year it is, but it’s as long as a proverbial and has floaty steering that’s rubbish compared to my safe car. The boys love it, of course, because it is big and noisy, and the seats are higher so they can see easily out of the windows, but 7yo saw that it doesn’t have many airbags. Mmm-hmm. The Black Bomb does, however, have a cassette player, so we can have ear-worm kids songs on high rotation every time we get in. Husband woke up the other day singing the Bananas in Pajamas entire back catalogue; he was not impressed. I am not impressed that I have favorites on the BIP album, but the alternatives aren’t much better. Fingers crossed, my car will be ready to pick up by the end of the week.
But my car, while relatively new, has had a few things go wrong with it, and they always happen when Husband is away. Shits me. So we have started the “new car” conversation. We have also started the “purge and consolidate vehicle ownership” conversation. Insert raised eyebrows here.
The last 3 cars I have had were all maroon, coincidentally, and we are adamant that any future cars will not be, but that’s what we said about my current car. We are impatient and ended up with the maroon because that’s what they had on the lot and we wanted to drive it away NOW, damn it. Anyhoo, toes crossed that there will be different colours available when we decide to buy something new if and when we decide which car.
In the spirit of that old chestnut the “family meeting”, I have asked the boys a few times – because kid conversations have so many tangents – what sort of car they think we should get. 5yo wants a car with a tv, did I even need to ask? The problem is, our sweet widdle sausage before he was 3, put pennies in the disc slot, so our unnecessarily expensive entertainment option is now sort of fucking useless, until we can find a way to get those bad boys out of there. I rang around to ask the pros, but basically the whole dash needs to come off and blah blah blah, money money money. I am thinking more along the lines of a straightened coat hangar and double sided tape; Husband is dubious of both methods.
One thing we can all agree on is the colour – not maroon, but blue. The problem, if it can be called a problem, is that there aren’t many colour options in the models we are looking at. Literally 5 colours and no shades in between. Boo wah, I know that is a first world problem.
We could all probably use bigger cup holders, because some of our bottles don’t fit. And is there anything worse than kids yelling about spilled whatevers because they didn’t have the lids on properly and they didn’t check that the bottle actually sat inside the cup holder before they carelessly let go of said bottle and started teasing their (mother) brothers? No. No there isn’t.
What would my ideal car have? Spa pedicure in the footwell. I don’t care about the rest, I just want neat feet after every drive.
I know Husband doesn’t care so much about the new car so much as that I would be comfortable and safe in it, of course, and perhaps I might be so over the moon happy with it that I might keep it clean and tidy. Ahem. He obviously does not do much driving with his family of young children and semi-delirious wife.


It might be better to accept defeat and go this route.


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