The REAL Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunting is done by the boys at home, and occasionally we have a group hunt with our playdate friends, but we missed it this year due to the ever-growing scheduling conflicts.

During all the cute pinterest ideas on facebook and banter about junkfood, I saw a picture from some enterprising parent about an egg hunt for adults, comprised of plastic eggs containing liquor. Hell-LOOOO!
So that is the plan tonight. Put the kids to bed then meet near the barn and get a bit merry.
I read another blog about a boozy egg hunt and realised that I will need to organise a bit before the kids go to bed, like chairs, fire lighters, maybe a table, and perhaps a jug of daiquiri. Coincidentally, there are saddening strawberries on the table right now, begging to be cheered up with whatever is left over from the prom,

obviously not the chocolate.

I didn’t find any plastic eggs, but I did find some cheap chocolate that the boxes fit my widdle wine bottles!


From now on, let's wish our adult friends a "Merry Easter"

I was doing errands all over town this week, and wondering how I could spend a few minutes in the liquor store sans kids, but I didn’t want to leave them in the car outside, because in every movie the bandit jumps into the closest car after robbing said liquor store, and I knew I wouldn’t want to chill with my lady friends if my babies had been kidnapped, ho hum. So I am settling for wine, this time. I’m sure this is The Next Big Thing.


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