Baby Rabbit

The boys obviously have a shit ton of toys, that goes without saying for any kid, of course. But some toys are more important to them than others, and some are more important to me. Husband wouldn’t know what they have as they play with approximately 2% of what they own on any given day, except when one tries to downsize and donate. Mmm hmmm.
Anyhoo, there are one or two special toys that they sleep with, and then a few hangers on, and the ones that are special to me aren’t necessarily in either of those groups. Now, it goes without saying that some toy or toys will be lost, and it will be a terrible scene-maker when the child finds out, and so I try at all costs, to avoid losing toys, as you do.
It went like this…
3yo insisted on having the window down in the car this afternoon, on the school run. Crazy that I obliged him, but there it is. Being an occasional a-hole, he grabbed whatever he could lay his chubby widdle hands on and threw it out the window. It was Baby Rabbit, who belongs to 5yo. I didn’t realise it until 3yo had apparently thrown something out the window, according to 7yo, and I knew Baby Rabbit had been in the car and assumed the worst. But Baby Rabbit was not on the road. So I drove back the way we had come after collecting the eagle-eyed 7yo, and saw Baby Rabbit in the median strip-area in front of another school.
Thank goodness no other child had picked him up, I would have been heartbroken. Baby Rabbit was a gift from Nanny when 5yo was born, and is a beautiful widdle bunny who was wearing an adorable powder blue jumper when he arrived in a basket of flowers. So even though Big Spot usually has pride of place, and Blue Dog and Penguin are sometimes in and sometimes under the bed, Baby Rabbit is special to me, and I was super worried that we wouldn’t find him on the drive back.
5yo did lose another toy when he was 3,


What a dapper outfit

just after this photo was taken (see the poor lost whale/dolphin/dugong in pride of place a few days before it’s loss) and his reaction was as above, and the event is still discussed today.
7yo has lost one or two special-to-me toys which I have tried vehemently to find with no luck, and there was a few weeks when I was coming to terms with the loss of Cow, who has been a fave of all the boys but is now 3yo’s bestie. But it was apparently at a friend’s house whom we had visited, and I was so overjoyed when she said casuslly “Hey, is this yours?” that I nearly bawled.
Anyhoo, crisis averted, and Baby Rabbit is home, sweet home, again,


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