Poetry Your Hearts Out

If music can soothe even the savage beast, then perhaps poetry could comfort unsettled minds.
In the same vein as 100 days of happy and any other happiness project rhat I missed out on seeing, I’ve secided to start some daily poetry about whatevs is going on with me. Or attempted daily. And I challenge, nay, invite, all and sundry to do the same. Whether it be haiku, limerick, clean or dirty, a few lines or an entire saga. Poetry your hearts out, #poetryinvitational.

My kids love to build with lego blocks,
So I thought they could do the state fair and rock the socks
off the judges with their creative mox…y
But then I missed the date – even though I stayed up late
every night,
I was so sad
for being so bad
at scheduling when I should have had
it already.
My widdle middle also wants to have a go
and who am I to say no,
so, here we go


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