Night Dreams

At night I pine
For sweets and wine
While my offspring refuse
To their energy diffuse.
They jump and yell
And my headaches swell
Before their eyes fall shut
And into bed I drag my but.
But lo and behold
The holidays are sold
For school draws near
What a treat for mine ear.
Their excitement grows
And mine, too, it shows!
For we all rejoice
That school is so nice
For them and for me
And then it will be
So quiet at home.
I may read my tome
In peace and quiet.
Husband, too, he likes it.
But how shall we rise
When sleep sticks our eyes
All these long holidays?
We shall have to find ways
To get out of our beds,
To have eyes with no reds
And to look oh, so chipper;
I’ll say “you little ripper!”
When they trip off to class
And take mine own ass
Off to wherever the hell I want
While they are with the font
Of all knowledge for youth.
I could be uncouth,
‘Cause that’s how I roll.


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