Where does the time go?

Yesterday was the first day of school for 7.5yo and might-as-well-say 6yo. They got dressed and were ready, except that it was late-start Wednesday and we grossly miscalculated how much time we really had. Therefore, almost 4yo (OMG!) had to be raced off to school first after I managed not to smear eye make-up everywhere when I realized how little time we actually had.
Getting the big boys to school after that was fine, but then 7.5yo didn’t want to be seen being kissed when I left. I thought I had more time before this era began! 6yo didn’t have the time to be kissed because his room was very busy with new parents and classroom flowers and tears and whatnot. Not quite the semi-sentimental sendoff I had anticipated.
Anyhoo, after that I had a great day. I went to a morning tea with booze and other mamas, then talked sewing with a friend until afternoon pick up! I posted my obligatory first day pic on facebook but it didn’t include nearly 4yo because – I blame myself because I should have known better – Husband dressed him in a pajama shirt that is too short and old hobo pants that ought to have been recycled a year ago. Wth, Husband? I have been trying to think of a synonym for “half-assed” but all I have come up with is “flaky” and I don’t like that either.
What can I do differently this morning so things go better? I can be grateful that nearly 4yo didn’t come downstairs in the middle of the night to use our bathroom (and walk past the pig trough/ensuite that is 4 feet from his bed). I can be grateful that boys woke up in a good mood and timely manner, even if it was an hour earlier than yesterday. I can be grateful that I have the un-half-assed approach of making lunches the night before so I have more time to doodle on my phone before school. AND. I can be grateful that Husband is growing a massive beard even though it’s itchy and he sort of hates it, because I just love it.
Now I have just enough time to get myself dressed and drink more tea before getting those kids to school only a few minutes behind schedule.
Let me check the schedule…


One thought on “Where does the time go?

  1. Trenie says:

    Keep up the good work, it brings back memories when we had our “troops” all disagreeing who’s lunch was who’s, a sock missing (heaven forbid) and the wrong kid gets out at the wrong school OMG Memories!!

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