Early Birds

Early birds catch the worm because they are up at sparrow’s fart when the worm is counting on having more time to itself, for sleeping. Nearly 4yo woke me up at 5.30 this morning to go to the bathroom. I honestly thought it was about 2am. I also honestly thought that he might use the bathroom that is a mere 6 feet from his bed, rather than come downstairs and wake me and then demand I accompany him to the bathroom at the other end of the house. Afterwards, I managed to convince him to go back to bed, but thought better of it myself because in the past, I have felt worse after trying to go back to sleep, than I did after waking early. And so that was my dilemma this morning. I stayed up and did some sit-ups. I so easily could have just closed my eyes when I rested between more heinous crunches, but I persevered and heard the other boys a mere 30 minutes after sending my widdle sausage back to bed. Lucky for me I didn’t try for an extra doze!

Now IF the boys had stayed asleep, what might I have been able to do with my extra time, which could have been up to 90 minutes? I could have unpacked and repacked the dishwasher, but that is now on the morning schedule for the boys; I could have started a new book, but that would inevitably make us late for school as studies have shown in the past; I could have made some baked goods, but studies have also shown that my boys decide they don’t like something after I make it a few times, so forget that! And also, I don’t need the temptation. Laundry? Sewing? No, too noisy. What and exciting life I lead. I am here, frittering away my free time by wondering what to do with it. I can hear one of the roosters crowing, so I can guess what he would do with his spare time…


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