Happy Monday

Boys in school.
That is cool except
I nearly burst my ear drum
From the awesome fun
Of cranking music in the car
So ridiculously far
That it would be heard
By every bird
Near and far from my car.
My ear is still ringing!
I have 6 hours of singing
Until I do the school pickup
And hear the boys hitch up
Their nagging and fighting
Then I will be sighting the clock
And picking up shoes and socks
For four more hours til bedtime,
Then perhaps whiskey and sours.



2 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Trenie says:

    Here’s to Mom’s everywhere,
    That think the solution is to pull their hair.
    Keep yourself really cool,
    Until you get them off to school.
    Then when the bell rings at three at o’clock,
    Keep them busy with homework, chores and nature walk.
    Just go out to have an evening dine,
    And order yourself 6 glasses of wine.
    And when they grow up and move away,
    You will have choices to visit or fly TWA.

    Raising kids is really a lot of fun,
    You gift in the future is your child will have your grandson.
    When he arrives and you child is on cloud nine,
    Just remind him the world’s best parent’s just have 6 glasses of wine.

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