A Tall Tale

6yo’s birthday party was postponed since his birthday was the 2nd week of school. Being kindergarten, I thought I should let the families new to school and the class social network settle in before sending out party invitations. Now the party is in a few days and I am pretty well organised, so far.
6yo decided on a Mater Tall Tales theme. I try not to use all the pre-packaged stuff because I want to show the boys that we can make our own stuff, reuse what we have and not give in to merchandising bullshit and still have a great time. Of course, I did buy some stuff, but the plate/streamer/napkin/cup/everything else packs are not for me. We have plain plates and napkins, and will use whatever cups we have in the house; there will be no table cloth and I have bought plain decorations for around the house.
I have always made the boys write their own thank you cards since they could scribble with something, and 6yo has been diligent, if a little whiny, about doing some every day after school.

Along the homemade line, we have opted for brown paper “rusty” treat bags with Mater’s eyes blinking out, and the same for the thank you cards, and the same for these babies:

They are a bit annoying to put together, but they are definately worth it!

I stuck the eyes on them all today while everyone was at school, and will save folding the rest until after bedtime.


There is a shit ton of adorable party hats

I am going to make tow hooks for everyone to wear, and will use party string to tie them around people’s arms, just like fairy wings would, then I will just tape the “hooks” on.

And then, I couldn’t think what else to put in the treat bags. Thank you cards, the candy cane, I did order some Mater pencils and stickers (it is for kindergarten kids) and then I came up with the best idea ever!




I made them with resin that I bought at Michaels, and added bits and pieces for


Junkyard Badges!

Some of the resin overflowed, so these two are stuck to the chopping hoard. Lucky I used one!

For food, we are having – wait for it – “Mater Tots”. Love it! There will also be “traffic lights”, also known as 3 coloured melon balls on a stick, “rusty wheels” aka Mary’s Crackers, Guido’s “Pip Stop” aka olives, “dip sticks” – pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, and a chocolate cake – sans icing, I think – with Mater eyes on there somewhere. Husband is going to have some beer flavours for fellow parents to sample, as well, and I think that’s it.
The excitement is building here at Mater Central! I will be sad if no one wears my hats, but 6yo loves them, so everyone else should follow suit.


3 thoughts on “A Tall Tale

  1. martina says:

    you make me dizzy how im the name of god do you manage all that with the 4 opps sorry 5 boys in the house ,, well done have a super party look forward to the pics

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