Happy Anniversary Darl

Husband tells me this morning that it is our anniversary, and he is right! 9 years ago, today, I proposed to this hot guy with no beard, and he said no! But he changed his mind and here we are. He has organised our babysitter for tonight and is taking me on a surprise date. I have to dress casual, but I can wear a skirt, so that means we aren’t going rock climbing. We could be doing mini golf, or a movie date (unlikely, Husband hates wasting the babysitter for the cinema), late night shopping (also unlikely given our downtown), I’m out of ideas already. Rollerskating is only on friday nights, and we usually get a bit dressed up to go to a restaurant. Unless we are going to five guys. Hmmm…
We have had plenty of adventures since we met, like getting married and having 4 kids and moving overseas in an 8 year period; renovating half of a house and half of an apartment, motorcycle lessons, pilot lessons – for him, a few overseas holidays and not losing our (my) minds raising these boys, among them. It’s a full life we lead, that’s for sure!
Right now, I’m on the sidelines at the pool, big boys having swimming lessons and the widdle monkey asleep on my lap. I feel really uncomfortable, I hope that won’t affect my level of enjoyment, later. I wonder if we are going to get a couple’s massage?


Holy crapstix, I look old


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