Walking the Walk

I do fun stuff, and I organise fun stuff for the boys, but I realised the other day, that it doesn’t always end up that I actually speak to other adults very much. And I am not including Husband in this.
Most weeks I go the gym almost every morning, 4yo has swimming twice a week, the big boys have swimming once a week; I drop off and pick the kids up from their respective schools most days. Sometimes 4yo has a playdate and I can sit and “visit” y’all, for a few hours, but otherwise, I might go two weeks without meaningful interaction from my peers. Granted, sometimes all I have to say is “GD, those kids are loud today”, or “I forgot to brush my hair”. But sometimes I might have seen the news and want to discuss world events, or calculus, or something.
Sometimes I feel like my brain is slow churning ice cream, but I was never an academic wizard to begin with. So I might be ready for the waffle cones already. On the other hand, the kids loved the playdate.






Recovery mission complete


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