Doom and Disaster

In the words of Hairy Maclairy’s creator, “Alas and alack”, I have a cold sore – and there is a large soiree this weekend! This time last year, I had a raging cold and doped myself to the eyeballs so I could go. Hopefully this dreaded virus will disappear before the big day.
I’m sewing myself a big skirt, princess-style, so hopefully that will take any and all attention away from my face. And if that doesn’t work, then I will just have to drink more.
I only noticed this awful malady this morning, and since then I have swallowed a handful of echinacea and zinc, and dabbed some vanilla extract; next I’m moving on to witch hazel. That about sums it up for the home remedies I have on hand, so it will be off to Walgreens for something stronger. The hardest part will be not kissing my irresistible monkey during the day. The shopping part, though, he may not mind.


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