The Inevitability Of It All

Allergy and cold season has finally fallen upon me. As luck would have it, Husband was home and the kids were all in school, so I was actually able to rest and drink plenty of fluids. By my count, it was 4 liters, not of goddamn cola, but of various teas. I kept my feet up for 85% of the day and even took a nap.


At first I was thinking of all the things I would be able to do with the extra time from skipping the gym in the morning, but then I just went and read in bed.
Of course, this happens to all and sundry so who cares about my sniffles. But just look at all the vintage goodness I was able to blow my horrific boogies on!




So much pretty, and I even found a handful still in their wrappings.
We have been tissue-free for a while now, possibly more than a year – I can’t remember, and it is working out well. Generally I save the vintage linen for myself, and the boys use the diy hankies I “made”, which I did by snipping up a bag full of old onesies that were too stained to give away.
Husband has a few good-sized daddy hankies, but he will then reach for TP because his fingers are man-sized and the diy hankies too thick to fit in the tiny space created when he sticks his fingers in his nostrils…
We also did away with paper towels in the kitchen, and just use tea towels for mopping up the constant spills, and linen napkins picked up around town and at estate sales. I do have a few fave napkins, but none so pretty as the bogey rags.
And last but not least on the paper front, we do still use toilet paper, and intend to keep it that way. Kudos to those who use “family cloth”, but I have enough trouble washing my kids underwear, without throwing reuseable toilet wipes onto the mix!
Signing off to wash my hands now.


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