I Just Whitened My Teeth

In 3 minutes. With strawberries.
Last year I was browsing hippy blogs and was looking for a way to whiten my teeth, or was it clean them? With less chemically-laden bullshit. I found a page that said mix raw strawberries with baking soda. I tried it last year and thought it made a nice little difference.
Tonight I tried it again, only I got some before and after shots, this time.


My teeth weren’t especially yellow or anything but at my kids’ school everyone seems to have porcelain veneers, or else just exceedingly white teeth.


So, I used one of the last strawberries from the over-sized Costco punnet, mashed it, and put in about a tablespoon of baking soda and mixed it up.


It fizzed a little, and then i put my brush in it and sort of painted it on my teeth,


all the while, trying not to swallow it, because, baking soda. I put the timer on for 1 full minute after I had pfaffed about not swallowing then adding more and more not swallowing.


Me not swallowing baking soda.

After the timer went off, I spat it into the toilet and immediately covered it with loo paper and flushed, because I don’t need anyone asking about bloody things in the toilet just yet. I rinsed out my mouth, then did a quick brush using just water.


Results? I don’t  think the photos are quite as comparable as I thought, lighting-wise, but I’m pretty sure my teeth are whiter!
I would not do this very often, especially as I don’t smoke or drink coffee, but I do think it safe enough to try on the big boys once. They won’t like it, but they will love the results.
Regarding kids’ teeth, we have also had great success using butter oil caps. Warning: they taste like absolute shite.



Love my brighter smile!


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