Small Townitis – Still Brainstorming

Summer holidays are just around the corner – literally, right over there. We have a lot of fun things planned, and of course, a lot of other stuff that might not turn out to be as fun as I plan. One might think I could transpose some of that fun stuff to a date night, but not really.
Skating is cool, and where we skate has recently started adults only skate but it doesn’t start til late, and Husband is usually whining about not being in bed by then. Yesterday I found a rink that opens at noon, so we can keep some of our friday nights free for bmx races.
Also, I do not do bmx raxing myself, because I took a tumble nearly 2 years ago and that’s it for me.
Shopping is fun but expensive, and there aren’t  many evening shopping experiences available. Husband won’t be complaining about that.
Notmal bike riding is cool, and with longer evenings it will be fun to do post-dinner rides, but we can do that as a family.
Hiking? There are cougars in our vicinity not infrequently, so no. Apparently there are also bears not too far from here, so fuck no.
Exploring? Now there is a possibility. There are tunnels under our downtown from years ago; a local historian was trying to explore them a few years ago. Most of them are sealed up but perhaps not all. I’ve also seen ads for local haunted tours, which might be interesting if not fun. Perhaps an underground tour of local towns might be the way to go… Plus the cultural side, like museums or art galleries. Ok, sure, that is something, but I’m still looking for other ways to create more excitement, more sizzle. I might be asking too much for my demographic, but I’m going to keep searching.


couldn't resist


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