Small Townitis

I love our lifestyle – let me be clear about that. I love living in smallish middle America. We have playdates aplenty for the kids, and farms to smell the cow shit earth and see the carrots grow, and “downtown” to go for hot drinks and end-of-the-week treats. But after lights out for the littles, I’m at a loss for what to do in the grown up playtime hours.
We have sampled the nice restaurants and some of them are really nice, with great menus and wine selections, etc, but I can’t be eating for entertainment all the time. So I’ve been thinking about how to jazz up my nightlife when the babysitter is available.
My kids are good sleepers, so Husband and I can get busy sort of anytime anywhere without fear of little eyes or ears, so that really isn’t on my list of things I wish we could do more often. Perhaps it’s just me, and everyone else has their social hours dialled,  but I’m grasping at straws. I’m sure there is an underground but I’m yet to discover it, and perhaps it involves whatever the 20 somethings without kids are doing, but it don’t know any of them so I can’t ask them to help a mother out.
What do I even want to be doing? Husband has made it fairly clear that he led me on about getting tattoes, even though he was super interested when I found those cool tatts for him on pinterest, tsk tsk.
As an aside, all of the boys are in school tomorrow and Husband and I are off to the movies, which almost never happens. He doesn’t like wasting babysitter time for going to watch a flick, though, so that’s out for the evenings, too. (Fury Road tomorrow.)
Mini golf is fun sometimes, but I wouldn’t call it foreplay for a great evening. Husband suggested clay pigeon shooting but I don’t think I’d like to do that over and over.
I want some sort of short-lived adventure. Maybe we should take up geo cache, or orienteering, or something similar. The physical running around and discovering things seems excitig but I don’t necessarily want pre-organised things with loads of other people. Not that I’m against making new friends.
I’m going to have to keep thinking on this, and just prepare myself for Mad Max right now.


Even this guy is on an adventure.


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