Camping With Monkeys

We just had a night of sleeping away so the kids could participate in an obstacle course challenge. We slept in the bus and have been getting loads of use out of the sleeping bags we bought at Goodwill ages ago. However, the boys will soon outgrow them, so I don’t want to spend cash on warmer inserts for them. We have loads of crib blankets lying around, so I have seen them into tubes, which we will use inside the real sleeping bags.


Because the nights are cold now, and the mornings are sort of frigid, notwithstanding the three heavy breathers unloading at the other end of the bus.


I’m going to put in a few stitches here and there to keep them in place,  because monkeys still funky around when they’re sleeping.
When the proper cold sets in, I will button on a heavier crib blanket,


because we do intend on bussing around in the colder months as well. Brrrr


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