All Cooped Up

We now have 4 baby chicks, who really aren’t babies anymore, but 3 are part of the flock and 1 is the outsider, the sassanach, if you will. Haha


I have put baby Minnie outside in a small house, complete with fenced and wired-roof yard, and a heat lamp right next to the big chicken yard. Everyone can see each other all of the time, so I’m hopeful of a mostly peaceful inclusion eventually.
There is always work to be done to the chicken yard because I haven’t spent time or loads of cash building one of those pretty pinteresting yards and vintage sheds, complete with reclaimed chandelier and needlework decorations. To my shame. And apparently, to Husband’s shame as well. Part of the problem is that I don’t want to be in there with the birds, because birds are a bit scary, and also 2 roosters might fight over who gets to fight me. So I try and do bits of work after the birds are in bed but Husband is tired or whatever and doesn’t make it easy for me to get shit done in the twilight hours outside. Combine that with an upcoming birthday party at home, and I need to get some work done.
Enter – bamboo. The stalks are slowly being woven through the wire to make a fence, and the branches are torn off and put over the ground inside the yard. I saw an article on composting the chicken yard and so that’s what I’m doing. The dirt is not fertile anymore; there’s poo everywhere. So the bamboo leaves and any other yard trimmings make a nice curiosity for the birds to peck and scratch through, and hopefully there will be bugs and seeds. And it also covers the dirt and will eventually break down. Yesterday I trimmed some of the shrubs and the clippings went straight on. Today I will try and get to the front yard. Also, it’s great not to have a burn pile sitting in the yard for 18 months, and it’s easier to mske time for trimming when I don’t have to precariously balance a wheelbarrow over the edge of our greenwaste dump.

Update: Baby Minnie has disappeared, presumed eaten. Nature is not always cool.


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