Tidied the pantry because I found widdle mousey turds in a few places a while back. Bloody hell, they will get in anywhere. Not sure how, because everytime I find a hole somewhere, I seal it up with wire, and I’m all out of places to seal. Husband says there is too much food available to them in our house. I agree, but that is not what they are eating, stupid bastards. Do they eat the crumbs and scraps on the floor in the kitchen? No. Do they eat the spilt pasta in the pantry? No. They prefer to dine on plastic and old seeds, by chewing a hole in a bag that is stacked behind and underneath a bunch of other heavy stuff. Omg. Anyhoo, will see how long this lasts.


At least this way, I will be able to check for more widdle turds every day against the stark white lino faux tile, rather than the plethora of cardboard crap and hastily thrown away toys that was there before. I have also put in two traps, even though nearly 5yo is adamamt that the mice need to live and make a house. My retort, of course, is that they shall not live in my house.


Mr Waah Waah

So glad he’s not asking for pets yet.


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