For some reason I am awake late at night pondering the phone habits of teenaged peoples and their questionably adorable young nephews and nieces.
When I was younger and staying with my cool aunts, they would be chatting on their phones (in their own room, omg, how cool) with a friend and then they would say to this person that they would put me on the phone. The fuck? I hated this as a child. Sorry aunties. If I remember correctly, and I almost certainly don’t, I would shake my head and stare helplessly at the phone handset as it was put to my ear. I would wait for the inevitable strange voice prompting hello on the other end. I would respond in kind. And then, nothing. I had nothing to say to strangers who were on the other end of a phone from my cool older relation with coloured hair.
I still hate this, being put on the phone to talk to people I don’t plan on talking to. As a general rule I don’t have much to say (except talking about just that? On a blog?),  and I don’t want to feel put on the spot. So I don’t do that to my kids, generally. When we skype, they know that’s what we are doing, they can skip in and out of a conversation, they can be kids. Maybe that’s just me. I did the Briggs Myers/Myers Briggs personality quiz and got my assigned letters. It seems legit and confirms all the things that I hate. Apparently I am ISFP, but maybe it should be BITCH,  I don’t know. Anyway, don’t call me.


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