I’m having withdrawals from Girls. I’m ready for season 5 and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen a few sneaky pics on instagram that make me want to grind my life to a halt and find out just WTF is going on. Adam Driver was the face of a hero in a book I wrote earlier this year, and he keeps messing up the idea of what the hero in my current book looks like. Too many dark-haired boyfriends is confusing!

Anyhoo, watching seasons 1-4 back to back was all kinds of awesome, and while I couldn’t necessarily identify with whatever crazy adventures they were having, i.e. Hannah going to a stranger’s house and boning him for two days, being chased by a guy through the streets after smoking crack, etc, they were thought-provoking episodes, fo shiz.

For example, there were a couple of times where the/a character/s had an opportunity to stay home and get comfortable and rich (it was ages ago, I can’t remember this episoede exactly), which would very convenient and you wouldn’t have to worry about basically anything, but you also wouldn’t really do anything; and then there was the flipside of the coin where you leave for adventure and live hand to mouth, like Hannah sort of does for a while. She didn’t have shit but she had an existence. I’m sure it feels like less of an adventure when you’re literally down to the wire, but GD if it wouldn’t also be exhilarating to be out in the world and living an authentic life.

Hannah also had a bit of a problem and counting everything was a part of it at one stage. I used to count things, everything, especially my steps, when I was a kid. It got annoying because I couldn’t walk without counting steps, or how many times my arms moved while I walked. I would sometimes get to twelve or twenty or whatever and then start over. Looking back, I wonder if my folks noticed or if it was just in my head. I got caught up in counting things a few weeks ago and it was again, annoying as shit, but other shit distracted me so it’s not a thing anymore.

Fingers crossed that Hannah dumps Francis – yeah he’s nice, and cute, but, sad emoji, it’s Adam Driver or nothing – and everything becomes sunshine and lollipops, maybe except for AD giving the camera some moody eyes occasionally. GD!

It’s been too long so I can’t remember thinking much else, so I need to watch more.


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