Husband and I saw The Martian on respective plane flights and loved it of course – kudos to you if you are sticking it to the man by holding out on that movie – and thought it would be perfect to share with 9yo (who, incidentally, had a big boy sleepover for his birthday rather than a full-blown party) if not all three boys. But when we went to buy it, it was sold out. I ended up ordering it online and we knew it had a few swears in it but they’ve seen The Goonies (5yo’s fave line is from Chunk “oh shit, what?”) and Back To The Future 1 and 3, so they’ve heard plenty of shits and frankly, they’ve heard the f bomb on numerous occasions – contextually, I might add – or msybe even their whole lives. And recently, even Husband has dropped a few GDs so, it’s all good. But a friend expressed his concern because he said there were lots of f bombs, so now we are watching it to see how many. We are almost an hour in and there have been about 4 shits and 2 fucks and I know “fuck you, Mars” is coming up. But again, all contextual. And honestly, Husband and I are of the opinion that contextual swears are a foregone conclusion, but when paired with science? It’s a no brainer. Gratuitous violence, on the other hand? Yeah, nah. Star Wars rocks but it’s pretty damn violent and it was too much for 9yo who is sensitive to that stuff, but everyone else’s kids have seen them all and think nothing of it. Of course, everyone does what’s right for their family and everyone else can fuck off, but we’ll take the swears over the violence any old day. And if watching The Martian gives them the inkling to be astronaughts, then they can be dropping f bombs all over the GD place as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have my fingers crossed for 9yo throwing out the obvious quote during his next dissection in class.


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