Smashing Melancholy

I told Husband today that melancholy isn’t our scene, but really it’s not his scene. It’s totally my scene, I’ve always been down with melancholy. Smashing Pumpkins didn’t quite rule my life when the double album with butterfly wings came out – yuh huh cassette, of course – but it was up there.
I was interested to watch the Melancholia movie but Husband poo-pooed it after the continual cycle of bullshit so I didn’t see the clonclusion, but I’m sure it would have been unfulfilling as shit and left me questioning myself for the rest of the night while Husband tried to ignore me and get some fucking sleep. But we’ll never know because it also wasn’t as cool or interesting as I had anticipated so I wouldn’t actually find it on amazon to finish watching the rest of it anyway.
Just finished season 3 of GIRLS and I’m melancholy because Hannah is a self-absorbed pest (with amazing clothes, btw) and Adam just loves her, and therefore, draw the obvious conclusion and I want them to stay together but she has the best opportunity everrr, but Adam just loves her. This is the melancholy that drives my stories, so its after 2am and I just want to cry over my keyboard until dawn, even though
it’s school drop off in 5 hours. Lucky I made lunches already.
Crossroadseses always bum me out.


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