HBO Update

So with Husband heading out this week, my attention turns to what I can do to bide my time… I ended up watching Season 3 of GIRLS the very next night of that heady weekend and was suitably tired and devastated when it finished. Then I found out that the library had season 4, so, yah! Done and dusted, but now I’m back to devastated since I can’t find season 5 anywhere except on pay per views. And so, this is what I will be contemplating this week, since Canada is apparently not under the same threats as Belgium was when Husband sauntered around that train station hours before those bomber fucks. But the bushfires are a worry, for sure, and I’m wondering if the news outlets will say that aussie fire fighters are heading over there sometime soon. Maybe I will be content to sit around and take snapshots of my news shoes,


and maybe not. I do have the first three seasons of True Blood that I could rewatch, but breathy Bill doesn’t do it for me quite the same as that driving fellow. Does anyone have hbo? I might have a spare bottle of Oregon Pinot to swap for GIRLS season 5. Don’t leave me hanging.


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