Tough Day At The Office

Shit happens, I know it and you know it. And sometimes it happens at the same time as other things, like vomit. I hesitate to say “thankfully”, but it’s better that it was me and not the boys. They wouldn’t have been able to understand what was what and I wouldn’t have been able to do much for them.
Today I was able to hunker down while they ate carrots and watched stuff online. We have a 14yo french exchange student with us this week and he took a nap (because teens stay up late, yo) and probably went hungry, because today was the day I had planned to do grocery shopping. After I came home with take-out,


Sick bags at the ready

he asked if we could go to the shops tomorrow. I asked what for, his reply was “food”. Touche. I’m guessing the boys left out that tiny detail that I was dying two deaths at the same time all day, and probably assumed that I regularly leave my kids in a state of constant hunger.

He’ll learn about !Murica! tomorrow when we go to costco, and load up on all the things, in particular the food


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