Holy Shit! I’ve Written A BOOK

Yes. I did. I actually did.

It all started way back when I was young and naive and living on my own for the very first time. I had bought my own apartment and I’ll be damned if I can remember anything else that I was thinking about. Well, that’s not true. I was thinking about romance and maybe dinner, but I digress.

For whatever reason I started writing a book about two people who loved each other but inevitably hurt each other and their respective journeys from there. I didn’t finish it, not even close. What I did was get engaged. Fast forward past that and I was then renting out that apartment to supplement my income so I could buy liquor to drown my sorrows. And I started writing another book, about revenge and assholes and that sort of thing. I kept writing that one on and off for years, tapering during large-scale life events. Fast forward again to November 2015 and I pulled out the proverbial finger and participated in NaNoWriMo and finished both of them. And then I submitted one (not the revenge one) and IT GOT ACCEPTED!!

So all my wildest dreams have come true and my book baby will be pushed out into the world on May 2, 2017. It’s not even about kids or drinking wine, so wth could it even be about? Why, romance, of course. It’s a contemporary romance novel with bits and pieces of witty and sarcastic bullshit thrown in, think kissing and, a bit more. I’m no expert but I do like kissing and etc, and of late I’ve enjoyed reading about kissing, at which point besties from high school tease me about it because I always scorned romance before now.

Here are the ones – both steamy and not – well actually, most of them are – that I’ve sunk my teeth into, research, you understand:

Through The Veil, by Colleen Halverson Think fairies into the real world and vice versa, with a hot fairy chap who bones the princess.

Sex & Magic books by Stacia Kane She writes science fiction and fantasy mixed with romance, think the world of Harry Potter when the characters are all older and Voldemort is probably in power, or his people are, so there’s a bunch of stuff going on that people have to take care of, and of course they like to have sex as well.

Wednesday, by Kendall Ryan Think sex and more sex. Not ordinarily what I’d click on but the ad on facebook got me and then it was a buck to download, so, yeah.

The For Hire Books by Tawna Fenske and About That Fling, because again, it was a cheap download on a promo. Kissing and tension and then sex. Good times.

On the less kissing is more side I recently enjoyed If Only You Knew by Kristin Higgins which has far less kissing than what I was anticipating, and of course, saving the best for last, Pride And Prejudice, by Jane Austen where of course, less kissing is more, unless you are the crackwhore sister.

So there you have it, the entire sum of my knowledge on romance, but I think mine might have a bit more swearing. Anyhoo, I highly recommend these books and if you get hung up on Kendall Ryan, she had a shit ton of books to quench your thirst on.


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