Celebrating Me, Too.

‘Cause let’s face it: yes, my adorable middle child had a birthday and subsequent party, but I did all the work, both days. 

He was 7 weeks early and had his first bath at home in a salad bowl.

Those are my hands

He was in the hospital for 3 weeks to make sure of the body temp and breathing etc. Nothing was wrong with him. I used a jellybean sling to carry him around sometimes and people thought it was a handbag, that there couldn’t be a baby in there.

And now he’s 8.

He finally decided on a Clutch Powers birthday party, because mainstream themes are for suckers, obvs.

Clutch is like Indiana Jones, an adventurer who prefers to work alone but who finds out that teams work really well, too. The trick is to make games etc to keep 20+ kids occupied.

Crystals. Clutch Powers finds crystals called “brickonium” to power Lego City, so I made my own. They took ages to grow and I think I had the wrong brand of alum powder because apparently that makes a difference, sometimes.

resoaked them a number of times, massive pain in the ass.

Our intrepid party-goers had to find “brickonium” which was smattered over the front yard, in order to power up the oven for that old chestnut, the birthday cake. Kids were off and the parents had a bit of quiet once more in which to enjoy our drinks.

Nobody said anything; I may never use icing/frosting again

Clutch Powers inadvertently assists a criminal escape from a jail planet and has to recapture him.

Not sure how we will incorporate a delapidated trampoline into the next party

Clutch has to help Prince Varen fulfill his destiny by defeating Malek The Malign with his father’s golden sword, so the intrepids had to show him how wield one.

And then they had to find the pieces of golden sword (lego) to reforge it, but they were hidden around Malek’s fortress. 

Anyhoo the kids won the day and then they watched the movie. Peace and quiet, at last.
So how did I celebrate my hard work? Cake and wine, duh, all week, because all of them are in full-day school. Woo!


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