Now he is 11

There was little fanfair because he had friends over and with a bit of attitude and shenanigans with tattling about a machete, we didn’t end up singing happy birthday, either. We gave him his present last week so there’s not been much birthdayness, it feels like. Anyhoo. Today will be better.

Except there’s a wind warning and rain up the yin-yang on the way, 😣. I will make it work but ffs, it would be great if things could just chill, including the two knuckleheads beside me trying their darndest to hurt each other.

His obsession with minecraft persists so that’s what we’re going with. Much as he would love to just play screens with friends for hours on end, my idea is a real-life minecraft adventure. Pinterest is the go-to, of course, coupled with my brain and the resultant lovechild is a life-size zombie villager getting the stuffing (gold coin chocolates) beaten out of him and archery target practice on a cardboard creeper. Let me tell you, give yourself a bit more than 4 days to pull this shit together and if the kid can’t make up his mind well beforehand, it’s curtains for this sort of thing in the future.

I put these guys together with string – punched a few holes and tied them together

Painting those squares was a pain in my ass. I also don’t have black paint so no bastard has eyes.

Our yard is on a hill, so the plan is to hide stuff along the way down the hill, including potions, gold, string, power ups and wooden planks. Husband eventually cut the pieces for the crafting table, so, let’s see how that goes.

🎶We sang Happy Birthday when opening presents🎶

The weather held off and there were excited squeals and static through the walkie-talkie when they finally took down the zombie and found the chocolate. 

I’m assuming he is in pieces after the fact

The boys collected the carrots, strawberries, potions and arrows, and wood for the crafting table. Let me tell you, the craftmanship of 10-11yos leaves much to be desired but the thing was put together and sticks and stones were on the surface in various patterns in short order.

Minecraft recipes resulted in the conjuring of a cake, gold nuggets and a bow for those arrows. 

And then the rain came, and that was fine. Boys were only slightly rumpled and muddy, but with cake and chocolate in their bellies, so no big deal. No one cares for hot dogs after slugging creepers and getting rained on, but I guess that’s okay.


Another Dynamite Party

So. I have a 9yo. He has long hair and smells like a man more often than he realises. We decided on a Napoleon Dynanite theme for his party a while back, but he changed his mind and I had to work on him to change it back because how cool would a Napoleon Dynamite birthday party be??? Seriously, tots, ligers and friendship bracelets, that movie has it all. And so did his party!

Husband bought a shitload of tots and fish fingers, AKA delicious bass. 

We had the obligatory cake and healthy snacks, too, from Tina (that fat lard)’s garden.

I was so glad that a handful of people took advantage of the Deb’s Glamor station, there were heaps of kids “finding their season”.

And you wouldn’t believe how busy the friendship bracelet station was!  I guess everyone wants Pedro’s protection. This shot taken while one of the Mamas had room to breathe.

 I also made up some Rex Kwon Do tattoos with the diy papers I bought from amazon, but the brand I ordered this time wasn’t as reliable as last time. 

Luckily Rex put in an appearance with Uncle Rico, and he helped with the pinata!

Obviously, we couldn’t have a pinata of a girl, regardless of what goes on in Juarez, so I made a rainbow and the kids took turns beating the shit out of it. I’m done with candy, I don’t need that at a party full of under 10s, so I had badges made that said VOTE FOR PEDRO and they were a hit. Mission accomplished!


a sketching station and then the movie itself, what a fun afternoon. And the mark of every fun party is when one of the dads falls asleep on the couch.

Celebrating Me, Too.

‘Cause let’s face it: yes, my adorable middle child had a birthday and subsequent party, but I did all the work, both days. 

He was 7 weeks early and had his first bath at home in a salad bowl.

Those are my hands

He was in the hospital for 3 weeks to make sure of the body temp and breathing etc. Nothing was wrong with him. I used a jellybean sling to carry him around sometimes and people thought it was a handbag, that there couldn’t be a baby in there.

And now he’s 8.

He finally decided on a Clutch Powers birthday party, because mainstream themes are for suckers, obvs.

Clutch is like Indiana Jones, an adventurer who prefers to work alone but who finds out that teams work really well, too. The trick is to make games etc to keep 20+ kids occupied.

Crystals. Clutch Powers finds crystals called “brickonium” to power Lego City, so I made my own. They took ages to grow and I think I had the wrong brand of alum powder because apparently that makes a difference, sometimes.

resoaked them a number of times, massive pain in the ass.

Our intrepid party-goers had to find “brickonium” which was smattered over the front yard, in order to power up the oven for that old chestnut, the birthday cake. Kids were off and the parents had a bit of quiet once more in which to enjoy our drinks.

Nobody said anything; I may never use icing/frosting again

Clutch Powers inadvertently assists a criminal escape from a jail planet and has to recapture him.

Not sure how we will incorporate a delapidated trampoline into the next party

Clutch has to help Prince Varen fulfill his destiny by defeating Malek The Malign with his father’s golden sword, so the intrepids had to show him how wield one.

And then they had to find the pieces of golden sword (lego) to reforge it, but they were hidden around Malek’s fortress. 

Anyhoo the kids won the day and then they watched the movie. Peace and quiet, at last.
So how did I celebrate my hard work? Cake and wine, duh, all week, because all of them are in full-day school. Woo!

The Princely Sum of Five

He just turned five. My sweet little baby is now not always so sweet but he still gives me big smackeroo puckered up kisses and submits to hugs and tickling. He changed his mind a few times but I eventually nailed him down on his birthday party theme and pulled it all off without too many changes of heart.


I outsourced the decorations

Rescue Bots have been his thing for a while, sons of Transformers or something. Anyhoo, I printed out some biggish ones and then some smaller ones for a craft, and then a mask to colour for “bot vision” to find the bots kidnapped by Dr Morocco, who, it turns out, is an evil genius who used to hang out with Jules Vern, of all people. This was lost on the boys – they haven’t read any of his books and they’ve only seen the first Back To The Future.



I made my own “disaster machine” with banana cake, icing and rice chex. The best way to destroy something is to eat it! Disasters averted.
All in all, he had a great day with his friends.