National Smile Day

Guessing everyone is telling dudes everywhere to “smile, beautiful”.

Anyhoo, National Smile Day (who comes up with this stuff?).

What makes people smile? What makes me smile? Husband, boys, obvs, reading funny shit. Thinking of this

because it’s really happening!

Watching movies with the boys that deal with real things makes me smile. We’re rewatching The Martian and the boys are dissecting the science. It’s perfect. We’re going to watch Castaway next. I wonder if they’ll recognize the voice of Woody.

What else? Food, not so much these days. Not even the delicious cupcakes that were waiting patiently on a sidetable at a baby shower I went to yesterday. But booze, yes, booze makes me smile. Wine and cocktails.

Dresses make me smile, and dressing up. I’ve a pinterest board just for beautiful dresses. I fantasize about making some of them.

And writing, ofcourse. I smile when something during the day reminds me of something I wrote someone saying or doing, or when something gives me an idea and a I write surreptitious notes to myself.

Please make yourself happy, today and every day.


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