Rejection blows, whatever it’s aboot. I got a letter of rejection recently and it bloweded, even though I knew it was coming and it was worded simply. It suckeded. I took a few minutes and lay down on the bed, staring at the ceiling and trying not to let the rejection get to me. Husband asked how he could cheer me up and I replied that I wasn’t uncheery, just quiet. I’ve had rejection letters before and no responses to novel queries, which is what this rejection was for, and I’m sure they suckeded as much as this recent one did, but they’ve been forgotten in the heady day-to-day processes of change that I’m engaged in for my novel that comes out next year. I stood up and brushed off the rejection and forgot about it for most of the afternoon since we were taking the boys “out” and that’s a full-time gig, so I needed my head in the game. But it briefly reminded me of a few other things I’ve been rejected for…

Jobs. I started applying for occasional jobs a few months ago and I got knocked back on that awesome job with the cops! I knew there would be heaps of applicants, hello – who isn’t hot for cops? But it was still a bummer to see that “thanks but no thanks” email. I’m glad I got the job I did, though, the hours are awesome.

Please read my book. I sent a handful of requests out to real live authors for them to read my book so I can have famous quotees on the cover. Most of them were too busy and I knew it was a long shot, but seeing the ‘no’s was still a let down. On the other hand, I’ve had a couple of fantastic quotes from local authors!

Shoes. I have expensive taste and until recently, less than a lemonade income. I’m still not quite up to champagne but I digress. I like to buy pretty stuff like expensive men’s shoes and books. Husband put his foot down (haha) because the shoes were literally a week’s income! His arguement was very reasonable, of course. It was disappointing but not unexpected. What I didn’t know was that he negotiated the shit out of the price and I got them anyway. I realize this cancels all of my rejections.

Adam Driver. He’s married. End of story. I know that I, too, am married, but still. As an aside, I watched a terrible movie the other day and the main man had a few Driver-esque headshots.


Franc Luz. What do you think?

Getting dumped by men/dickheads. I got dumped while engaged. But look at me now! I got dumped in high school, see above.

I guess there are silver-linings everywhere, so I’ll keep shopping my manuscript around, fingers crossed.


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