Second Chances

Rejection is tough, as always, in all its forms. Second chances might feel like miracles, today is one of those days. Maybe miraculous is a strong word but I’m feeling the love!

A while back I had an opportunity to submit my work to an agent and it got lost in the ether, but today I was able to resend and that is a great feeling. It makes up for the blurgh and boohoo that’s been going on this week, to the point that I pretty much gave up on #nanowrimo2016 because my soul shrivelled up a little bit.

But hoorah! Second chances sprinkle magic pixie dust on everything they touch, so I managed to tidy up the motherfucking kitchen, and sweep the goddamn floor and when I look around at the COUNTER I can see it and find stuff. That’s a good feeling, too.pixie-dust


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