Thank You Veterans Everywhere

It’s Veteran’s Day/Rememberance Day and last year Husband and I took the boys to a local service. I won’t be doing that today because I have to work but also, I’m not sure about running into protesters in any form, which I don’t want to expose the boys to on my own. It’s okay to talk about it from the safety of the couch but my second chance hasn’t endowed me with the fortitude to put up with shenanigans outside of the house. pixie-dust

That shit is consigned exclusively to the lego-shitastrophy room. The kids and I will be celebrating the hard work from veterans everywhere by exercising our freedom at the local skating rink, after getting cheesy headshots taken for my BOOK which comes out in six freaking months. I’m glad I have the freedom to write, in my own voice, and the opportunities to lift up my work. Thank you to everyone everywhere, past and present, who has made that possible for me.


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