A Protracted Tour, Indeed

Husband’s mother came to visit us for Thanksgiving. The boys call her Nanny and one of the teachers thought we were getting one, ha!

While she was here, Husband and I had the great good fortune to stay in the hotel downtown for a night and hit up da cluh-bs [which means that we went to bed at the usual time]. I was hoping for a grand tour along the lines of the expected tour of the great lakes anticipated by Elizabeth in P&P.


There was a show on that we meant to go to, and it looked really good, but we had a good excuse to miss it. We went and got our fave appetisers at a restaurant and listed our preferred drinking route through town, fingers crossed that 4am would be an unsuitable bed time.


Of course, Salem had other ideas because it was a Tuesday. Okay, so maybe 2am? We saw a few friends  which was a nice surprise, and we also ate too much, which was not a surprise. So we got tired and then everything was closed, so we trudged drearily back to our hotel room.


what do you mean “everything is fucking closed”

We/I, therefore we, also could not sleep in, so we opened the drapes and watched a very different morning routine than what we are used to. Husband made jokes about sunrise at Magoos.

Mediocre but child-free breakfast and then an errand or two before breakfast and a hot beverage at another trendy coffee house. T’was a grand illusion, indeed, before going to work and then home to the standard raucous love-in and fight club. You get the idea.



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