Kung Fu Shiss

Always says hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Today we are hoping that friends turn up, but we are prepared to rock out on our own if necessary.

It’s still snow central here in the Willamette Valley and the temp is laying low.

6yo decided on a Kung Fu birthday party since we watched the first series on disc from the library and as usual, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to deliver.

Paper lanterns, reminiscent of a Chinese village and the Shaolin Temple nearby. We have candles set out but I forgot the incense. Luckily, 6yo is not incensed. 

I looked up some sweet moves REX KWON-DO style on you tube and found some vids for the animal movements of Kung Fu, and I’m sure husband will be fab instructing the “pupils” when he is wearing his Kung Fu Master hat.

Note my sweet king fu tatt? I even found a large pot for the kids who make it to test themselves and earn their very own, Kung Fu style.

Cupcake holders. 

There are even some with actual cupcakes in them. I found some cool dragon rings from a party store and bought some diy temporary tattoo paper from amazon. It totally works!

I decided against shipping large quantities of sand into the playroom to make a desert, like 6yo wanted, deciding instead, to buy more wine in case we can’t get out of the driveway later.

And there you have it, in a nutshell, a Kung Fu birthday party.  Caine would be hsppy to attend if he hadn’t been cut down by Uma Thurman. Rest in pieces Bill.


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