Secret Santas

My office  is doing Secret Santa this coming week and a) I don’t really know my office peeps that well and b) I’ve only done Secret Santas once before, and it was 11 years ago.

There were name tags that we also wrote gift ideas and I had no fucking idea what to write because I don’t know what I want. Husband says I only know what I don’t  like. He’s got that right.

Anyhoo, my giftee listed snacks as a suggestion (they’ve obviously done this plenty of times) but I specifically said no foodstuffs even though I may have been Miss Foodstuffs Australia back in high school, #loveeating. 

My xmas list consists of books I’ve refrained from buying during the latter half of this year, socks, loose leaf tea and maybe a music album or two. I don’t need stuff, and I don’t want much – just good kids like my mum used to say, which was the lamest request ever because it was impossible to get! But now I know she was onto something. The best memories are watching the kids, not actually getting stuff.

So, I couldn’t very well put something rad on my Secret Santa list and if not snacks, then what? A tea bag every day and a box to put them in? Actually, that would be perfect, something I’d actually use.

I’m having tea today at a snack shop so that should have my giftee taken care of, too.

T’is the snacking season, peoples!


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