Ces in Albury

We were watching The Castle the other day and the old neighbour, Jack, reminded me of a man named Ces who my parents lived next door to when they bought their first house in Albury, NSW. We would visit him occasionally when we drove back from our house in the way outer burbs of Sydney, and he was old. I was young so he was way old, but he was busy. His entire backyard was a vegetable patch and all the veges were fucking huge, like newspaper article-worthy huge. And his front room and I think other rooms, eventually, had shelves for displaying his enormous collection of plates.

I never knew his last name, and he eventually died. I don’t know if he married and lost a wife, or ever had kids. I’ve googled him a few times because I thought I ought to remember him better, but I haven’t been able to find anything about him, and I feel sorry about that. Of course, he must have died thirty years ago, but I thought that there would be a scrap of old newspaper article transferred online or something, but I haven’t found it.


This is actually from a Guiness World Record in 2012, but you get the idea. He had a shit ton of plates.


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